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A Message From Our Coaches

We Welcome All Wrestlers

We are, and have always been, a competition focused club. One of our club goals is to prepare athletes for the opportunity and privilege to compete.  At this time, it is not a requirement to compete, but we highly suggest that every athlete participate in competition.  

We Are Competitive

Competition reveals character, lessons learned in life, lessons learned on the mat, and gives athletes insights into their own strengths and weaknesses.

We Are Whalers

Winning and Losing is not a measure of accomplishment. Trying and doing our best is.


Never Give Up!

Although the 2020 wrestling season was cut short, we got some wrestling in and we have been busy behind the scenes preparing to come together as soon as we are able to! Enjoy these pictures of our team and our new gym!


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Welcome to All American Training Facility

Board of Directors 2020

Head Coach : Kurt Strausbaugh

Assistant Coach Pete Dickinson

Pairing Official Tammy Strausbaugh

President   Tanya Dickinson

Vice President Sarah Michael

Secretary  Robin Richardson

Treasurer  Trenton Peck

Tournament Director  Andie Bock

Fundraising  Kim Powell

Media Director  Jennifer Johnson 

Questions? Please Contact

Tanya Dickinson

Phone: (907) 252 - 4022